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Flash & Animation Development

Animation is an often over looked way to get your message across to your customers. These days, it is more then just for kids, animation is a great tool to demonstrate the various ways in which your product or design can work, in a safe hazard free environment, from the comfort of your home or office.

It can often be used, in replacement for video, in situations where a video camera can not access, for instance, showing how a car engine works, illustrating the power and complexity of the machine, without the time it would take to dismantle the engine and explain how it works.

Another great use for animation, is to show off a product which is not yet in production, a visual prototype, taking the design off the page, and into a 3D environment. For example, you need to demonstrate how your widget will work to a potential investor, using animation, that investor will be able to clearly understand how this widget will work, before the initial cost of production is made.

3D animation, can also be used to add life to your animation, giving it style and sophistocation all it’s own.

Flash is another great of animation, but it can do so much more then just bring an object or plan to life. Flash has the ability to create an interactive environment on the web. It can create these environments in ways that are not ofen achievable using standard Web Development. Flash is a great way to show off the salient features and benefits of businesses and their products and services.

Just as is the case with 3D animation, Flash can be used as a way to demonstrate your product or service, it can educate the customer or anyone visiting your site. Flash can be used to demonstrate the way the sun and water nourish and grow a plant.

See the videos displayed on our site for some great examples of what can be used with Flash animation, and 3D animation.

If your site or video, needs that extra flare of excitement, come talk to our Flash and Animation team to discuss how animation can benefit your website or video.

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