Ask The Pro: How reliable is health advice on the Internet?

This month’s Pro is Kristen Day, Internet Marketing Consultant at OnYourMark, LLC Kristen offers advice on how to find reliable health information online.

With all of the offers we receive from spammers on medications and wonder drugs, it’s no surprise that those searching for health advice online may be wary of the quality of information available. Although there are many reliable health resources online, almost every site offers a similar warning: the information presented is not meant to take the place of professional diagnosis and treatment!

Sites such asWebMDYahoo! Health and MayoClinic.com provide a wealth of health information on diseases, medications and more.

Diseases and conditions are presented with detailed symptoms and treatment outlines. A search on Yahoo! Health for Arthritis presents symptoms, related illnesses and treatment information.

Medications lookups provide patients with drug uses, doseage and side-effects. WebMD’s listing for Vioxx shows the excellent detail provided on this medication.

Your local hospital or clinic may provide health information on their website. Southwest Health Center of Platteville, Wisconsin provides detailed information for patients seeking Bariatric Surgery. Medical Associates offers a Healthy Connection section on the hospital website. This section provides a health library, quizzes and more. Our own BadgerHealthcare.com provides detailed lists of healthcare websites and organizations.

When researching a condition or medication online, always remember that the best way to receive a proper diagnosis is to visit your doctor! Don’t be afraid to print out online health information to take to a doctor visit. Your doctor can help you sort fact from fiction. Also, be wary of emails and websites that promise miracle cures. If it sounds like a scam, it probably is!

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