“Branding” your company simply means creating a unique identity for your firm and positioning and promoting your identity.

Every company that does any business at all ‘brands’ itself. Every communication (phone, fax, mail, email, signage, packaging, or any other medium) coming from your company carries some identification or “brand” of your company. Even the lack of a brand “brands” you.

Creating Brand on the Web: A Simple Strategy for Strong Results

Your online brand – your unique identity on the web should be consistent with existing marketing materials. Yes, your developer can make your logo spin, talk, morph, or whatever. But just because your web developer can do cool things with your logo (and other unique company identifiers), doesn’t mean they should. Animation and sound may help position and promote your unique identity, though they’re often deployed on websites just for their own sake and not for the sake of branding. Don’t slow your site down with gimmicks that are there just for their own sake.

Remember to stick to basics: your ‘brand’ is simply your unique identity, your way of distinguishing yourself in the marketplace. Capitalize on what makes you successful offline by promoting the same virtues – the same brand – online. Be consistent with your Brand across other media and your online presence.

If you use an ad agency, I caution against recommending that they execute your site. The vast majority of so-called “full-service” agencies are relatively inept when it comes to the web, and I dare say that the majority of the rest are no bargain. Nevertheless, do get your agency involved in branding. Your agency should have some input in the design phase of your site. Quite frankly, when it comes to the web, the design is usually the agency’s forte. Whatever plan your agency has for you, they should keep your web presence in mind – even if they’re not the ones developing and implementing the site properly.

If they’re at all forthcoming, send them a thank you – and incorporate their suggestions into your site! Then, let them know you did so as you thank them again for their help in making it possible to serve them better.

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