Online Store Design

Your customer’s online shopping experience can be very similar to shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Narrow aisles, messy shelves and rude clerks have their online shopping counterparts in confusing navigation, cluttered web pages and frustrating checkout systems. Not only does your online store need to look nice, but online shopping also has to be easy and payment a snap.


Online Store Look & Feel – Your store’s design should convey your company’s image and set a mood for the buyer. High-end jewelry stores deserve a sleek, upscale design. Children’s candy stores need a fun, colorful feel. Your company’s logo and another branding should be incorporated into the site. can design your store from scratch, work with an existing website design or convert literature to a web-friendly template. We also offer an array of ready-to-use designs for e-commerce websites on

Product Video – Videos give your customers a real-life view of your products. A three-minute video of a car’s interior and exterior can convey more than 3000 photos! Videos can also help your customers understand the use of your products. A make-up retailer can use a how-to video to help her customers create trendy looks. A fertilizer retailer can teach customers exactly how to plant with his product. You guessed it… Videocracy does video as well!

Ease of Use

Navigation – Your e-commerce site’s catalog shouldn’t be a labyrinth of links. We can work with you to sort your product lines into categories. When a customer selects a product, add-on items and accessories can appear on the screen immediately. The shopping cart should always be available with a single click.

Website Accessibility – Do your customers need assistance to make their online shopping experience easier? No problem! Style sheets can be used to make fonts larger and easier to read. Audio and video can be used for demonstrations and explanations. We can create online stores that are Section 508 compliant. Just tell us what your online customers need!


Easy Online Ordering and Payment – When an online customer is ready to buy the process should be as easy as possible. approaches online store functionality from the shopper’s and merchant’s perspectives. Online shoppers want shopping carts that are simple when adding or deleting items. The online shopper should be informed about items that are out of stock or require special orders. Shipping calculations should be clear and precise. Credit card processing must be secure.

When an order is received, the merchant needs to know that payment was received. Online inventory lets the merchant fulfill online orders and keep track of stock. Shopping modules help the merchant prepare and package materials to be shipped on time.

No matter what items you are selling online, can tailor your ordering and payment process. If an item comes in a variety of sizes, quantities or colors with many options, we can create an ordering system that lets your customers customize their online order.

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