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Networking has been around for years as opportunities to share knowledge, create relationships and grow your business. Now networking, in the form of social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, has taken it to a new level. So how do businesses leverage social media for branding, marketing, advertising, public relations, lead prospecting and client relationship building? Some businesses have started to recognize the value of social networking while others are still trying to see how – and if – it fits into their overall business plan.

According to the 2009 Deloitte LLP Ethics & Workplace Survey, 11% of executives report their company had a corporate-sponsored Facebook group and 29% use social networking as a tool to manage and build their brand. 22% of executives said their companies would like to use social networking tools but haven’t yet figured out how.

OnYourMark can help you set up and implement an effective social networking marketing strategy. We provide planning, training and support to get you connected. All of our premium hosting clients have a WordPress blog included in their hosting package. Your iContact newsletters and emails, your Tweets and Facebook comments can be integrated to work together with your blog and we can show you how. You can even have our design team create your unique Twitter background.

Coca-Cola is using social media. Their social media policy is only 3 pages and offers common-sense guidelines for its employees. We thought this was good advice and wanted to share it with you.

  • It’s only 3 pages. – should augment existing company policy.
  • Always remember who we are and what our role is in the social media community.
  • Have fun, but be smart. – use sound judgment and common sense
  • Transparency is of paramount importance. – Let users know the website “fan page” is ultimately controlled by the Company.
  • Be conscious when mixing your business and personal lives. – Keep in mind when publishing information online that can be seen by more than friends and family, and know that information originally intended just for friends and family can be forwarded on.

Coke also outlines “10 principles to guide how online spokespeople should represent the company”:

    1. Be Certified in the Social Media Certification Program.
    1. Follow our Code of Business Conduct and all other Company policies.
    1. Be mindful that you are representing the Company.
    1. Fully disclose your affiliation with the Company.
    1. Keep records.
    1. When in doubt, do not post.
    1. Give credit where credit is due and don’t violate others’ rights.
    1. Be responsible for your work.
    1. Remember that your local posts can have global significance.
    1. Know that the Internet is permanent.

Read the 3-page policy in its entirety (PDF)

At OnYourMark our fundamental marketing philosophy – Great marketing is great common sense and great common courtesy – is a good guideline when using social media.

Want to learn how Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn can benefit your company? Schedule your free consultation for an OnYourMark specialist to meet with you about your social networking presence.

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