Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting is simply asking yourself what exactly it is you want your web presence to do for you.

Better yet, ask your customers and prospects what they want your web presence to do for them.

There are many ways to measure the success of your web presence. “Sales” is the most obvious measure. Look past the obvious. Other measurements to consider in goal setting include:

Customer Service. Appropriate goals for customer service include better and faster service, providing more complete information in response to inquiries – and saving staff time doing both! When prospects and customers can get the information they need without tying up your staff, that’s a plus. I’ve had clients save scores of hours per week of very high-cost engineering personnel time simply by putting detailed product specifications, including downloadable CAD files, on their sites.

A simple map to your location(s) can save dozens of hours a year of staff time spent giving directions (you can simply email a “directions’ signature with a link to your location/map page). That simple act can help ensure accurate deliveries and on-time meetings with visitors.

A tie-in to the site of your parcel carrier can provide instant delivery information for customers at a huge saving of time – on their part and yours.

Often, increased customer service at decreased cost can be the primary goal, the chief reason for developing your web presence.

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