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Waukesha Website Design, Milwaukee Web Development

Your web presence is your brand – in and of itself.

Your web presence should be all about making it easy for people to do business with you.

OnYourMark, LLC can help you plan, design, develop, and maintain your online web presence. Our website design and development services include:

  • Website Design
  • Website Programming
  • Self-updatable Websites

Say someone does a search and finds you listed. They haven’t heard of your company before this search. They’re impressed that you come up fairly high on the search engine. They visit your website and find it of little of value. They try to contact you anyhow because the information in your search engine listing looked right and they don’t want to do further research (they don’t want to re-“search”). However, five minutes later they’ve stumbled across a few broken links and they’re still looking for a piece of contact information.

Another person looks you up via the web because they had done business with you years before because they met you at a trade show or perhaps someone they respect recommended you. You’re supposed to be a player in your industry. When they get to your site, though, they wait a half a minute for your logo to do some gyrations. After the flash, they get an “Enter” button. “Thanks for making me wait” is what this visitor’s thinking as they go to your next page. Once there, they find some more flash and some guided tours. They’re looking for a product so they skip all that. Seeing a search box, they enter keywords for a service you provide – only to get a regular search engine’s results – a list of websites that provide that service, yours and your competitors’.

Need a website design that reflects your company’s brand and makes it easy for people to do business with you? Schedule a free consultation for an OnYourMark website specialist to meet with you about your website design and development. We serve businesses in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Madison, Green Bay, throughout Wisconsin and the entire United States.

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