Professional Services

Professional Services

My fundamental sales strategy is this: the best way to sell is to make it easy for people to buy from you.

That philosophy is a major reason I got hooked on the Internet. Where else can you make information about your clients’ products and services available for buyers and specifiers anywhere in the world, at precisely the time their checkbook is open and they’re interested in making a purchase?

My background is in publishing, sales, and marketing, and recruiting. In 1994 I shifted the primary services of my company from Industrial Marketing to Internet Marketing, with the focus on the Marketing piece of Internet Marketing. The World Wide Web, as a medium, allows me to combine and apply many of the best experiences and skills I developed in the worlds of publishing, sales, marketing, and recruiting toward the creation and marketing of successful web presences.

As a one-time independent contractor for the ‘Bible of Industry’, the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers, I learned the value of putting complete buying information at the fingertips of buyers and specifiers at precisely the time they were looking to buy. I’ve planned and supervised the development of hundreds of websites for clients of OnYourMark, LLC. About half of the websites we’ve developed are in the Manufacturing marketplace. The next largest groups of sites developed and marketed by my company are in the Healthcare, Real Estate and Construction, Specialty Retail, and various Professional Services industries.

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