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Search Engine Registration “announces” your website to a worldwide audience.   Having a site that works perfectly and looks great is useless if no one goes there. We have extensive experience with search engine registration-and proven results.   Many of our clients have 1st place listings for their top keywords and virtually all of our clients have top 10 listings.

Search Engines and Directories

Search engines and directories are outlets on the web used to search for information. Search engines and directories (referred to collectively as “search engines”) are massive databases of website information. Directories differ from search engines proper in that one must choose placement in a directory, some charge annual fees for submission and many are edited by humans. For example, when registering in Yahoo, a directory, one follows the hierarchical branches to arrive at the proper “directory” listing locations and agree to pay their annual fee. Other fee-based directories include Best of the Web and

When your site is submitted to a search engine, essentially you cause the search engine to “spider” or “crawl” through your site so that the engine can index your content. The spider follows links and analyzes text to determine the topic and relevance of your pages. It then stores this information in its database to be called upon by a web searcher.

While automated submission software ruled in the past, most search engines have updated their submission procedures to ban automated submissions. Consider not only the initial submission time. Allow for time to optimize your site for search engine registration before submitting – at least thirty minutes per page. Allocate more time post-registration to monitor your positions, tweak content and periodically resubmit.

Search Engine Registration Process

Once your website is live and search engine optimization is complete, we use our own search engine registration service, DIY Submit, to register your website with general, regional and industry-specific search engines and directories. All submissions are done manually to insure the correct placement of your website.

After registration, you will receive a report via email that lists all the search engines your website was submitted to. We usually start to see results in 6-8 weeks. Your search engines registration also includes an hour for us to follow up a month after submission to see where your site is ranking in the search engines. We also resubmit where needed at this time.

Please Note: Although we make every effort to ensure optimal placement of the sites we register within the search engines, we cannot guarantee placement in any search engine or directory. Every search engine indexes websites under different criteria, and has its own schedule for how frequently sites are added to its index. We will put forth every effort within our control and in the time allotted to achieve rankings for your website.


Following are frequently asked questions that we get about search engine optimization and search engine registration. If your question is not answered here, please contact us. We are happy to assist you!

Q: Why do I need search engine optimization and registration?
A: Search engine optimization is the most important part of search engine marketing. We will use the description and keywords you give us to optimize your site’s pages. Registration creates incoming links to your site. The more relevant incoming links your site has, the better.

Q: How do I create a list of keywords?
A: Keywords are only effective if they appear within the text on your pages. Look for words that are repeated often. While most major search engines no longer use keywords in their ranking criteria, they are still used by us to place your website in appropriate categories within directories. You may view a competitor’s keywords as a guide, but remember, if the terms do not appear on your pages, it is unlikely you will be ranking for those terms.

Q: Why am I limited to 250 characters for the description and 20 keywords?
A: The search engines that use descriptions and keywords in their ranking criteria allow a limited number of characters for descriptions and keywords. For all of the search engines that we submit your website to, 250 characters is the maximum that most allow. Limiting keywords to 20 prevents “spamming” the search engines by using keywords excessively.

Q: Which search engines will my site be submitted to?
A: After registration is complete, we will send you an email listing all of the search engines your website was submitted to. Your site will be submitted to the major search engines (Google, Yahoo), regional directories (such as for Wisconsin clients) and industry-specific directories. We only submit to search engines that are general (accept all sites) or specific to your industry.

Q: Some search engines require payment for submission, how is this handled?
A: Some search engines offer paid directory listing as well as pay-per-click marketing programs, such as Google’s AdWords and Yahoo Sponsored Search. We recommend waiting until your site is indexed after your search engine registration before pursuing pay-for-placement and pay-per-click programs. If you wish to proceed with more aggressive marketing, we can customize a pay-per-click program for you.

Q: How long does it take to see results?
A: It takes most search engines a minimum of 6-8 weeks to begin indexing your website. At this time, we take an hour of time from your search engine registration to check rankings and resubmit where needed.

Q: How can I keep good search engine rankings once my site is listed?
A: Once a site has been accepted into a search engine, it will continue to return to the site to index changes. We highly recommend adding monthly Search Engine Position Maintenance to your website’s services. Search Engine Maintenance allows us to monitor your positions and tweak your site’s text to maintain rankings. Please contact us for more information on this service.

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