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“Blog” is short for weblog. Blogs are inexpensive, self-updateable online journals, or logs, that has exploded in popularity. Wherever you have opinionated people who are technically enabled, you’re likely to have a blog. They are a phenomenon worth looking into. For a good overview of blogging, search the term on Google. If you’re inclined to learn a great deal about various aspects of blogging, see my forum for bloggers at

Extremely wide-ranging worthwhile information about blogging is available at my sites, and Blogs have exploded in popularity, doubling in number every four or five months for the last couple of years. New blog-specific search engine optimization tools and techniques have arisen – giving marketers who use blogs a huge competitive edge – if employed correctly. Blogs are meant to be “real”, that is, real people, having real conversations, not trumped-up marketing hype. Be careful to learn how to use blogs wisely before employing them.

A blog is included with every OnYourMark premium website hosting package. We also provide custom-designed blog websites and custom blogs to coordinate with your website.

To learn more about our blog services and our website premium hosting package or to schedule an appointment, request a meeting with an OnYourMark specialist about putting together a website hosting and blogging plan. It’s never to late to freshen up your website.

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