Key Prospect Reporting

Key Prospect Reporting

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As an OnYourMark, LLC premium client you are provided with 24/7 real-time password-protected access to your logs and stats in an area we call a ‘Gateway’. Our website traffic logs show you how many visitors your website has received, what they viewed, how they find you and where they came from!

Key prospect reporting uses your web site’s traffic logs to compile a list of companies that visited your site during the month. This report gives a brief description of the company, the website address, the number of pages viewed and contact information that you can use for sales leads. This report is generally done on a monthly basis and is sent to you in the first few days after the end of the month.

Whether you hire us to compile a report or have someone in your company handle this, it is well worth the time and effort to track companies looking at your website. From this information, you can turn website visitors into customers. As a case in point, a manufacturing client’s access logs and stats showed a very large number of visits from an East Coast corporate headquarters and an even larger number of visits from the corporate parent in Scandinavia. This prospect became a multi-million dollar, multi-year customer for this client. This is not necessarily a typical example of the results you will get from looking at who is looking at your website however, if your average sale amount is significant, it could be worth tracking the information.

For a more in-depth look at Key Prospecting, your Logs and Stats visit the All Sites section located in our Knowledge Center.

To learn more about our Internet Marketing Services, including a monthly key prospect report request a meeting with an OnYourMark specialist about putting together a website Internet marketing plan.

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