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I learned about touch-points from a client in the hospitality indus- try. He wanted complete feedback from a marketing person (me) on every facet of communicating with him and his company; from my impression of the “touch-point” that was his message on the after-hours answering machine to my initial impression when driving up to his property. Touch- points are every time, place and medium in which your prospect or customer has contact, directly or indirectly, with your business.

Given: The best way to communicate with people is however they want to. Cross-pollinate touch-points. That is, do all you can to ensure that you offer prospects and clients the best way (their best way) to communicate with you, and that they experience each as a compli- mentary, positive touch-point. Work email, the web, telemarketing, fax, personal visits, and US mail into your prospecting and customer service touch-points. For example, our company uses a geographically-based integrated market- ing program that:


    • Starts with a phone call to simply confirm the marketing de- cision-maker and whether the company has a web presence
    • Continues with a personal visit to leave information for the decision-maker
    • Continues with seven postcards via direct mail, sent one ev- ery three weeks
    • Continues with a phone call, then a letter
    • Then continues with a repeat of numbers 3 and 4, twice more each, alternating number 3 between print postcards and e-cards

All of these touch-points after the personal visit include an in- vitation to action. Relatively recently we substituted a basic (text only) email for half the postcards we were sending (mailing to half and email- ing to half of our list for each card). The emails out-pulled the mailings two-to-one. Remember, we weren’t spamming. These prospects we emailed were all familiar with us from a number of earlier touch-points, including a telephone contact and an in-person visit as well as inclusion on our (print/post) mailing list.

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