Email Tutorial

This page will assist you in configuring your email program to receive mail from your domain’s accounts. If you need any further assistance please use our Email Support Form, or call us at 262-820-8201 (800-747-3399 outside greater Milwaukee).

You will need the following items to set up your email client. OnYourMark, LLC will provide the information needed for #1 and tutorials for step #3.

1. Your email account information from OnYourMark, LLC

  • a. Email address ie:
  • b. Your password
  • c. Incoming mail server:
  • d. Outgoing SMTP server information, which will be the SMTP server of your ISP. Please refer to the chart below with listings of SMTP information for some Wisconsin ISPs. If your ISP is not listed here, please contact your ISP directly for SMTP information.
    Common Internet Service Providers SMTP Server Name
    Charter Pipeline
    Chorus (ITIS)
    SBC/Ameritech SMTP Information
    TDS DSL (also Statesider)
    Milwaukee RoadRunner
    Northeast Wisconsin RoadRunner

2. An Internet Service Provider and a valid Internet connection when setting up your email client. You will also need Internet access to check your email on a daily basis.

3. An email client such as one listed below. With all Email clients listed, we advise you have up-to-date antivirus software.

Email Client URL Cost Setup
Outlook Express®
Outlook 2000®
Outlook 97® Commonly packaged with the corresponding version of Microsoft Office®. Tutorial
Outlook XP®
Outlook 2003® Commonly packaged with the corresponding version of Microsoft Office®, the features in these version vary from earlier editions. Tutorial
Thunderbird Free Open Source email client. Tutorial
Courier Free 30 day trial, upgrade to paid version necessary Tutorial
Eudora® Free with ads, various levels of paid versions without ads Tutorial
Mac Mail Free, packaged with Mac OS Tutorial

If you have questions on email at any time, please feel free to contact us.

Additional Services
OnYourMark, LLC is partnered with Postini to offer our clients superior email filtering. Postini features an online message center and control panel that allows you to customize your spam and virus blocking settings. The service includes the following features:

  • Quarantine spam and viruses before they reach your inbox
  • Control panel to set your blocking levels higher or lower
  • Ability to enter approved and disallowed senders by email or domain
  • Blocking of emails containing viruses

For clients using Postini, we have a Postini Tutorial to assist you in configuring your Postini settings.

All clients with email hosted by OnYourMark, LLC have access to our Web-Based Email system, available at Web-Based Email. Web-Based email allows access to your email from any computer connected to the Internet. While Web-Based email is not intended to be a day-to-day email client, it is very popular with clients that travel and need access to email 24/7!

Microsoft, Outlook, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Eudora, Eudora Pro and Eudora Light are registered trademarks of QUALCOMM Incorporated. All other registered trademarks or trademarks listed are property of their respective owners.

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