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Jerry Schritz - Gerard I. Schritz

Founder, Owner, Intelegist LLC

Jerry Schritz – Gerard I. Schritz – is the Founder and Owner of Intelegist, LLC located in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin.

Jerry Schritz and Intelegist, LLC specialize in a number of services including overhead paging systems, telephone systems, installation and repair of your existing phone system and much more. Check out the video on the right, to hear what Jerry had to say about our services.


“This is Gerard Schritz, owner of Intelegist, LLC. We like being number one for our services at Google. Keith and his crew at OnYourMark, consistently get my small business up to number one, and close to it on Google and other search engines for much of what we do. Especially the most important stuff!

“We’ve gained about 45 new jobs, from 31 new customers and counting, in less then a year. They all came to us from, the site that Keith and the OnYourMark team created.

“If that wasn’t enough, OnYourMark made my website self-updateable, and showed me how to add photos, and text and generate still more and more traffic for search engine users.

“If you want to sell more, you owe it to yourself to talk to Keith, and his team… at OnYourMark.”

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