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Scott Pecor

BuBs Irish Pub

Scott Pecor is the owner of BuBs Irish Pub – BuBs is Located on Main Street in Germantown, Wisconsin, at over 15,000 sq. ft. BuBs might be “the world’s largest Irish pub.” We are a cross between a corner pub and a place that can hold over 1,000 people for any occasions. Visit our website and book your next party with us!

Welcome to BuBs Irish Pub, BuBs is the world’s largest Irish pub. We can hold about a thousand people here. We’ve been open as BuBs for about the last six years.

I probably met Keith about 5 years ago. He kept hounding me saying, “You need a website, you need a website.”

And I’ll tell you, I fought it! I had run tennis clubs for years, and I thought, you know we can do this on our own without having to have a website. And finally, one day I broke down and said, “okay lets see what we can do about getting this website up and running, and see if it can help us.”

So a couple years ago we did it, and in the very first year, our banquets and our parties were up, between like 70 and 80%. It was up significantly.

Not only that, but the type of parties that we got were just much better parties. We always get the bachelorette parties that wanted to come in because they wanted to be here on a band night and we might get an afternoon work group or something. But all of a sudden we started getting some pretty high quality holiday parties and wedding receptions.

We’ve really grown a lot, and what’s really nice is we’ve learned that we can run our whole business off of a computer now. I walk around with my cell phone, and they can ask me questions and I can say, “you know what, you can go to our website, go to ‘Book a Party,’, click on our PDF, all of our rates are right there. I don’t have to go fax somebody a sheet trying to get them information.

We’re ecstatic, and we’re growing again this year and there’s still room to grow. We also have a lot of party areas, and Bub’s was voted the “WISN A-list” best live music venue in the area.

We’re in with a lot of good places, like Shank Hall, the Ale House, Rooters, Kelly’s Wind Lake, and for us to be number one, and we weren’t only number one, but we also got 45% of the votes.

So through Keith, and our connections, we’ve learned how to market now, to Facebook, and I guess we’re gonna learn some more about Twitter today.

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