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OnYourMark, LLC is pleased to offer iContact, a simple and easy-to-use, yet powerful email marketing software to grow your business. Your search ends here for a simple email marketing software for your online email marketing campaigns!

iContact Features

Create and Maintain Your Contacts.

Organize and manage your database of email marketing contacts. You can create lists, add contacts and segment your lists. All the direct email marketing tools you need can be found in iContact.

Create Your Email Messages

Online message creation tools with a web-based interface mean no software needed! Use iContact’s email templates or upload your own. You can even create a newsletter using your website as a template!

Send your email message

You can send your emails easily and even schedule messages to send later.

Email Tracking

Detailed tracking statistics for each of your emails allows you to track the performance of your direct email marketing campaigns, analyze message opens, click-throughs and bounces.

Integrations and Apps

Use RSS to feed your blog into your newsletter – or vise versa. Email marketing application for the iPhone and iPad touch is also available.

Email Marketing Advanced Features

Create surveys and store results. Easy to use with helpful tutorials to make it even easier!
You’re in good company – iContact does not allow purchased mailing lists, emails selling pornography or drugs, racist content or pyramid schemes.

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