Added AddMarx Coding to Sitemap

By Keith Klein | Promo Support

Mar 15

With the influx of new social media we decided there should be a way for your customers to link to your site any way they want to, not just using a browser menu.  We added a small bit of coding provided by AddMarx to everyone’s sitemap that allows the visitor to quickly add your site to a variety of media, including but not limited to:

Favorites,, Yahoo My Web, MSN Live Bookmarks, Google Bookmarks, and Yahoo Bookmarks.  They can also use this tool to tell a friend about your website, or add it to Digg, Reddit, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and a number of other Social Websites.

Link popularity is a great way to improve the rank of your site in search engines.  The more people that link to you, the better.

If you want to add it to all the pages of your site, please let us know!


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