Another phishing attempt, this time from ICANN!

I noticed a new domain spoofing email come in today from icann@icannresolve.com, pretending to be the non-existent “ICANN Resolutions Department”, the email read;

Dear Domain Account Holder,

You are being sent this notice from ICANN due to the fact that you
currently own an active domain name. ICANN is currently upgrading all
domains from their registry database.

The upgrade will introduce new control options for your domain and easier
access. The new upgrade is required by the registry. All domain users are
expected to submit their domain information manually at
with the
required information for ICANN to apply the required updates.

The upgrades will be applied to accounts on a first come, first serve
basis. You have until July 25, 2008 to submit the required information to
avoid service and domain interruption.

Thank you for your time.


ICANN.org Resolutions Department

The whois record shows the domain being registered on June 14, 2008, making it pretty blatantly obvious that it was spam. Just in case though I took a look over at the actual ICANN site and found nothing to support the spam email. After some further careful snooping (actually I just visited the site, something I discourage you from doing), I can see they are simply trying to get you to after filling out some dubious forms, they can take your domain or credit card information.

For more information on what ‘Phishing’ is, please read the OnYourMark Ask the Pro article

If you receive one of these spam messages, please disregard it and notify us.

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