Ask the Pro: What is the best way to advertise job openings online?

The Pro’s Answer: “Many recruiters are now turning to online job posting websites to attract new employees. Due to the nature of our business, we definitely want candidates who are actively using the Internet! As such, we have found many ways to advertise jobs online. While some online job sites such as Monster.com can get pricey, there are still many cost-effective ways to advertise jobs online.

The first step to advertising jobs online is to have an “Employment” section on your website. I have been using our Career Opportunities Power Tool for years to keep our Employment section at current. We have even added online and PDF applications to this page to get the information we need from candidates right from the start. Some job sites like http://www.FlipDog.com scan Employment pages and post the listings for free, so we have received applicants through FlipDog by just having an employment page on our own site!

We have received excellent candidates by posting our open positions with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development at http://wisconsinjobcenter.org. The “WI JobNet” service offered by the Department allows employers to post jobs for free! Posting a listing takes about five minutes, and the listing is seen not only on the JobNet, but at colleges, libraries and Workforce Development centers offering job search capabilities. Job centers at some colleges, such as Waukesha County Technical College, will even screen their student body for candidates at no cost to the employer!

Many states offer similar services to that of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. America’s Job Bank (http://www.ajb.org) is a national job search site, which incorporates listings from Workforce Development and Job Centers in every state. If you post a job at the WI JobNet, it will automatically appear on AJB.org. You may also post jobs directly to AJB.org, however, they may not be carried over to your state’s JobNet, if one exists. AJB.org also offers the ability to search resumes that candidates have posted.

Many recruiters still use newspaper ads to attract candidates. Some newspapers offer classified postings on their websites for an additional charge. The additional online posting is an option to consider when placing a newspaper ad.

Other local jobs sites such as and http://www.MilwaukeeJobs.com start around $100 for single postings, and offer bulk posting discounts. Regional job sites are excellent if you are specifically looking for local candidates. National job sites such as Monster.com or HotJobs.com average around $300 for single job postings. While the prices are considerably higher, the extra investment may be worth it if you would like to target a broader range of candidates. Some of the above job sites also get your jobs listings posted on partner sites. For example, WIJobs.com listings are available on our own http://www.theBubbler.com.

I would definitely recommend online recruiting as a tool for Human Resources. Most of our staff learned about us through our online job postings, and our website’s Career Opportunities page has been a great way to pre-screen applicants. Having online jobs postings has saved us both time and money in Human Resources.”

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