Ask The Pro: How can I make my website look new?

This month’s Pro is Kristen Day, Internet Marketing Consultant at OnYourMark, LLC. Kristen introduces new ideas to freshen up your website.

Just like an aging supermodel, a website can look out of date and need a makeover! If your website hasn’t been updated since 1999, there are many ways to make it look current! From a simple nip-and-tuck to a complete overhaul, here are some ways to freshen up your site.

One of the most obvious ways to update a site is with a new design. New programming languages allow us to create designs that are quick-loading and easy to update. Has your company changed its logo or literature? If your company’s branding has changed, the website should be updated too! Modern designs are streamlined with quick navigation. Outdated designs are clunky and blinding (read: too many animated GIFs and framesets)!

Self-Updateable Pages
Keeping your website current is key to attracting repeat visitors. Macromedia Contribute templates or a Deluxe News & Resources page allows you to add content to your site with no HTML required. If your website’s blog is updated, we can stream blog headlines on to the homepage (see www.DIYSubmit.com for an example).

Industry Resources
A successful website goes beyond sales to become a resource. Post technical articles, tutorials, MSDS, newsletters and related documents on your site. Search engines love text-rich articles.

An intranet is a web-based portal that streamlines communication with employees, clients and suppliers. If you have documents you are often printing and mailing (employee forms, price sheets, MSDS), why not put them online and save printing costs? We offer WebEx WebOffice for intranets. WebOffice allows you to upload documents, schedule appointments, communicate via message boards and more! You can set access levels, ensuring your users are only accessing what you want them to.

Photography & Video
Many of our clients are turning to streaming video to share ideas on the web. With high speed Internet connections, online video is now fast, clear and easy to watch. RHH Foam Systems, Inc.uses video to demonstrate proper use of its spray foam products. We can produce videos from start to finish, and new technology has reduced the cost of video extensively. Our new in-house studio is nearly ready, too!

Forums are web-based message boards where users can post content about a topic. We have incorporated a members-only forum into www.HCPRMS.org for members to discuss healthcare marketing and public relations issues. Our own www.SpamIsBad.com, an anti-spam forum, helps to enforce OnYourMark, LLC’s stance against spam emails.

Search Engine Marketing
Often a site is visually appealing and content-rich, yet traffic lacks because nobody knows about it. If your site’s relationship with search engines hasn’t been assessed since the late 90’s, it is definitely time to revisit search engine marketing! GoogleYahoo! and MSN are the top three search engines today. It takes a text-rich site, optimized pages and quality incoming links to arrive at the top of listings and stay there. Paid advertising options like Google AdWords can compliment organic search listings and boost site traffic.

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