Building Natural Inbound Links and Link Popularity

One of the most important criteria used by search engines to rank your pages is natural inbound links. During the month of January, we researched how best to build quality inbound links for our client. An inbound link is where someone else’s site links back to yours. A quality link is a link that comes from a site related to yours. The more natural quality inbound links that a site has the more popular it is. The higher the link popularity, the more likely a site is to be ranked higher in the search engines.

This month, besides the research, we added each of our clients’ websites to AboutUs.ORG as a start in increasing their link popularity. AboutUs.ORG is a business and organization guide that provides a summary overview of the company’s website and a link back to that website. AboutUs.ORG is a way to build natural back links to your website. Check out your information on www.AboutUs.ORG.

You may want to add a post in your blog about AboutUs.ORG and add to link back to them, naturally!

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