Your Domain Name Renewal(s)

By Keith Klein | Client News

Mar 27

Your Domain Name Renewal(s)

We’re recommending domain name registration renewals for all of our clients’ domain names that are expiring before the end of 2010.

The reasons:

First, search engine results are enhanced. See our blog about Google’s domain name patent for domain names as they relate to search at

Second, you save money. Domain name registrations tend to be cheaper per year when you register them for a longer time. You also save on the nominal renewal service fee.

Please be sure to deduct $25 from the total on your invoice when you get payment to us within ten (10) days.

Finally, avoid scams. You’ll save yourself the time and confusion often caused by email and US Mail scammers and spammers who use shady practices to get you to renew expiring domain names with a service that overcharges or is otherwise difficult to work with. Some are just plain scams.

Remember, you own your domain name. Your renewal does not mean a ten-year commitment to OnYourMark either – just a nine or ten year extension of your ‘ownership’ of your domain name(s).

Please contact Kathy, Ellen or Keith at OnYourMark, LLC (262-820-8201 or 800-747-3399) with any questions or suggestions.

Your Team at OnYourMark, LLC


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