Social Networking ROI : SocialNomics

Social Networking ROI

Social Networking ROI: Socialnomics is by SocialNomics author Erik Qualman. This video showcases several Social Media ROI examples along with other effective Social Media Strategies. Music is by Bob Sinclair (“Tennessee”).

Want to know what the Social Networking ROI – Return On Investment – is for social media?  Watch and be amazed and amused at the numbers in a stylish presentation that takes less than five minutes.  Video dated Nov 12, 2009

True Social Networking ROI

Here’s what the video does not mention.  Backlinks from social media are important to your search engine rank!  The new social media lend themselves to increasing the results of your “traditional” web media – your website.

Google uses scores of parameters to rank your site.  I’ve seen estimates of 80 to 135 parameters.  These are weighted … some are far more important than others.  I believe that the true Social Networking ROI for you is that you nail 3 of the top 6 parameters Google employs to rank you when you use social media.

1.  Link popularity – you increase the number of links to your site.  You’re popular.
2.  Link relevance – since your social pages have your info, they’re relevant to you.
3.  PageRank – Popular Social Networks have huge traffic, aka PageRank.

I see a future in which Social Networking ROI becomes ever more important to your website ROI.  You’ll no doubt see a good portion of the value-added services for our clients devoted to expanding Social Networking ROI.  Thus, exanding your website ROI.


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