Support Ticket System for Email, MX and Domain Change Requests

This month we implemented a new ticket system to better serve clients with requests for Email, MX, and their domains.

There is nothing different that you need to do as a client. Either fill out the email request form found athttps://www.onyourmark.com/clientforms/email.html or send an email to support@onyourmark.com like you always have.

What is great about the new system is once you submit the form or send off the email it will go into the queue for one of our sys admins to take care of. Your request can be handled much more effectively. The new system eliminates any delays because you sent the email directly to a staff member that is out of the office or on vacation.

The ticket system will automatically put a ticket number in the subject line of emails related to that request. This number allows us to track work progress and save all correspondence related to the project. The subject lines will be similar to this:

Text Changes on samplenamehere.com [onyourmark.com #154344].

If there is every any question on the progress of a request, myself or Keith can go back into the ticket and see all of the correspondence related to the ticket. This makes billing for that request much more efficient as well. We know exactly what was done, who ordered it, and when.

The ticket system is included as part of the hour per month of maintenance provided with your website hosting and email service.

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