Technology plus Vintage Art for a Merry Christmas 2022

Using Technology to Add Old-Fashioned Ambience – Merry Christmas 2022

Enhance the senses and sensations for a Merry Christmas, 2022 style.  Little can beat the aromas of a Christmas dinner cooking, or the tastes of Christmas cookies – including your favorites – shared during a holiday celebration with loved ones. Kids playing add to the visual and auditory delights.  The tactile senses earn high marks with a quotient of human warmth given long overdue hugs and handshakes.   Now we have a “tech” addition to the tastes and smells, the sights, sounds and touch of the holidays – YouTube.

If you’re one of the millions who “cut the cord” on cable and got a Roku or similar device, perhaps you’ll consider adding a playlist for holiday ambiance.  We have simple instructions to do so here.

First, add the YouTube channel to your Roku (or similar device).   Next, load up and go to the YouTube channel and Login using your Gmail account (*free* at https://www.gmail.com – you can also do this on your phone, possibly making it something of a TV remote in the process).

If you have a large computer monitor, or your computer is hooked up to your TV, you may be able to simply play whatever you’d like from your computer.

At YouTube, do a search for “Christmas Art” or “Vintage Christmas Scenes.”  For large monitors, computer or TV, you’ll want to select HD or 4K, etc., to get great looking pictures on your screen.  Choose one without sound (above) if you wish to play Christmas music separately.  Of course, you can do the same for videos with music by turning the sound down.  Some (below) are made to transition songs in time with the art.  The snow falling during each slide in the series is a great touch.


We hope this helps you enjoy a very Merry Christmas, 2022 style.

Keith Klein

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Thanks to our friends & clients, Paul Haut of WHaut.com and Mark Mullarky of GreatLakesTS.com who gave us the ideas for these holiday blog posts!

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NOTE:  Videos courtesy of their creators via YouTube (who cite open source artwork & music) and featured image courtesy of the submitter at Wikimedia.Org

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