Veterans Day 2022 – Thank you for your service!

Veterans Day 2022 falls on November 11th. This is the day when you should absolutely thank a veteran. Memorial Day is to remember those who died serving. Veterans Day is for thanking those who are still with us.

This year our son, Sean “Sarge”, is a civilian. He and many like him, think they have done nothing noteworthy or deserving of recognition. I contend that the Armed Forces are huge machines, requiring large numbers of support personnel to be effective. Every cog in the machine serves a necessary function. Some are worthy of special honors. All are deserving of our recognition and worthy of our gratitude.

Milwaukee’s Veterans Day 2022 parade is Saturday the 5th at 11:00 AM.  My wife, Anne, and I went in 2018 and the weather was awful. Here’s a photo with snow on the grass. Attendance was sparse, which made me sad. We were thanked by MANY vets as they passed by. They were so appreciative of the few people who showed up.

2018 Veterans Day 225x300 1This year looks like it will be windy and rainy, with temps in the upper fifties. The parade will go on, with some older participants riding in vehicles. Others will march through the rain and wind (which probably brings back memories). If you’re able, please dress for the weather and show up to thank our vets. They deserve it.



Support the Veterans Day 2022 Parade

Support for the Wisconsin Veterans Day 2022 Celebration comes from the generous support of our supporters and sponsors. All proceeds from the Wisconsin Veterans Day Parade cover costs associated with the parade planning, promotion, and execution, and remaining proceeds are donated to the Wisconsin Veterans Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to supporting service providers and community organizations addressing critical needs of Wisconsin veterans, service members, and their families. Sponsorship inquiries can be directed to info@wiveteranschamber.org.

Details for the Wisconsin Veterans Day 2022 parade are here at https://wiveteransday.org/wivetsparade


Thanks to our friend, client and vendor, Mark Mullarky of Great Lakes Tech Services, LLC for posting this originally, and sharing it with us – to share with you.

We share his sentiments:  Happy Veterans Day!  Thank you for your service!


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