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Mar 01

Ask The Pro: Which web browser is the best?

By Keith Klein | Ask the Pro

This month’s Pro is Andy Libecki, Web Development Specialist at OnYourMark, LLC. Andy compares a variety of web browsers to point out their strengths and weaknesses.Which web browser is the best? It depends who you ask. Most people use Internet Explorer, since it comes with all modern copies of Windows. In fact, about 95% of Web Surfers use […]

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Jul 01

Ask the Pro: What is Spyware?

By Keith Klein | Ask the Pro

This month’s Pro is Justin Hendrickson, Web Development Specialist at Klein Internet. Justin offers insight into Spyware and privacy concerns that arise from this technology. The Pro’s Answer: “Spyware is any type of program that collects information about a user without prior disclosure of such behavior. In essence, a program must divulge if it.

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