Your website’s ICRA tag has been updated as your value-added service for February 2008. The Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) allows webmasters to create a tag identifying how much adult or profane content appears on a website. Rating categories include profanity, nudity, violence, sexual material, profanity and substance abuse. Over the years, ICRA has expanded the definitions of these items in its rating system. New categories for user-generated content have been added, covering forums and chat rooms.

Almost all of our clients sites had zeros in their ICRA tags, which means there is no questionable material on the sites. We expected this as we created the new tags… OnYourMark, LLC will not host sites with offensive content.

Some sites received slightly different ICRA tags because they had forums or other features where users can submit content. This doesn’t mean the sites have offensive content. If outside contributors can submit content, there may be a chance that offensive content appears on the website. Our own allows members to submit content, but we strictly monitor the site to ensure content being posted is family friendly.

Why does a website need a tag even if it has no offensive content? Parents and businesses often use software to monitor Internet use. The software may use ICRA tags as part of its content filtering system. If no ICRA tag is found, the software may block the site simply because it can’t determine what kind of content the site features. An ICRA tag tells the software your site is safe for everyone.

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