Scam Emails with Server/Email Patch Downloads

We’ve seen several crafty spam emails this week posing as “Tech Support” or “Systems Administrator” that ask the recipient to download files. One email claims that a server upgrade has taken place and the user needs to download a patch. Another states that email security settings were changed and provides a link to “upgrade settings.”

Emails asking you to download patches for server upgrades or new email settings are spam! These emails are not from OnYourMark, LLC. If you receive an email with a link asking you to download patches, do not click on the link! The file you are being asked to download is a virus!

How can you tell if these emails are spam?

  • OnYourMark, LLC will never email links to download a patch when we upgrade our servers, or email links to download new settings if we update your emails.
  • Any messages OnYourMark, LLC sends regarding servers or email accounts will include full contact information and staff names, not generic signatures like “Regards, Technical Support.”
  • Check the URL of the link. It may contain “onyourmark.com” but link to a malicious website (i.e.http://patch.onyourmark.com.somethingelse.com).
  • The “From” address may contain “onyourmark.com” but is not from OnYourMark, LLC at all. This is called spoofing – changing the header of an email so it appears to be from another sender, not the message originator.
  • Your email program may tell you that the email is a scam. Spammers are trying to get around this by putting text in the email claiming it has been virus tested (i.e. No viruses detected. Zillya! Antivirus). Don’t rely on the text of a message to tell you if it is spam or not.

Similar messages with malicious links are being sent with Facebook or FDIC logos and emails.  These are also scams.

If you are still unsure about a message you have received, please call us at 262-820-8202 (or toll free, 800-747-3399). We are happy to help!

Phone/Text: 262-853-7900

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